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The 311 BB Revival Is Coming Soon!








After much thought, it has been decided that the 311 BB is not going to be closing forever.  It has served as the main communication platform for our fans for what feels like eons.  Many things are being considered now such as the resurrection of Ginsing Clothing, Liberal Hexum and the Pow Wow Festival.

For now, simply join this mailing list (be sure to check junk/spam folders and confirm) to be updated on the development of the new 311 BB and to reserve your original username.  Since the members of the 311 BB have always been our most hardcore and vocal fans, anyone who signs up now is eligible to receive studio versions of Too Much To Think, Hey Yo, Island Sun, Extension, Too Late, autographed vinyl, a lifetime supply of Amber Ale and more.

Stay positive and love your life,